Brexit is becoming reality  –  and the clock is ticking.

Unless all Member States unanimously agree on a concrete alternative withdrawal procedure for the UK leaving the EU, Brexit will occur on 29 March 2019. And as long as the outcome of the Brexit negotiations remain unpredictable, companies and market participants need to consider a plan B. Since as of today there is no degree of clarity to the outcome of the process, we at Schalast believe, that the only reasonable approach is to prepare for a hard Brexit and to consider a worst-case scenario. We also do not believe that there will be a general EU wide recognition of the UK's financial services regulatory framework as "equivalent“. And even if a closer relationship between the UK and the EU can ultimately be negotiated, it is already clear, that UK companies are not going to have the same access to the EU's Single Market under a UK/EU trade agreement as before.

We at Schalast will monitor all developments and the outcome of the Brexit negotiations and stand ready to advise you and your business on all aspects and possible impacts of Brexit. Together with our partner firms at Multilaw, we are able to provide you with one-stop-shop solutions in Germany, in the UK and worldwide.

Financial Services Regulation

Brexposure Tool

Our global law firm network Multilaw has launched the Brexposure Tool, which allows businesses to instantly assess their potential risks related to Brexit. The tool is designed to help businesses evaluate their potential risk levels in the key areas of employment, immigration, financial, trading, intellectual property and data.



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